Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finding the New Apartment

I think I found the apartment I'm going to move to. I went to see it and meet the roommates last night, and I loved it. The only downsides are that the room is a little smaller than what I have now and the expenses are a little more, but I think overall the pros outweigh the cons.

It's a three bedroom, two bath apartment. I'll be living with two girls and sharing a bathroom with one of them. The apartment complex is nice; it has walking trails that I'll probably use a lot and a pool that I'll probably use a little. The apartment has a dishwasher, which is a HUGE plus for me - my current apartment doesn't have one and I HATE doing dishes. They also have cable TV there already, which is a plus because my current roommates don't watch TV at all so I ended up paying most of the expense and always feeling like it still wasn't fair to them. I think the best part is that it's a lot closer to work, so I not only save money on gas, but I gain an hour a day of time.

The girls were really nice, responsible, clean, and mature. We talked very comfortably for quite a while, which is always a good sign. I don't need to be BFFs with my roommates (in fact, I tend to keep to myself a lot), but I do want to live with people that I feel comfortable talking to and hanging out with on occasion. These girls definitely fit the bill.

Here's an expense comparison:

Current apartment:
$555 Rent
$35 Utilities
$10 Laundry
$80 Gas
$680 Total

New apartment:
$675 Rent
$60 Utilities
$10 Laundry
$40 Gas
$785 Total

So it's about $100 more per month, but for that I get a dishwasher, an hour a day less commuting time, nicer roommates, more TV channels, a pool, and a nicer neighborhood.

It's not a done deal yet - they're going to let me know tonight - but I'm pretty sure things will work out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, especially the dishwasher, and closer to work.
Did you check with management on what the rent is in total and do you have and in and out type of lease with management would be my only concerns. Good Luck Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi TV girl,
I'm a new reader and enjoying your stories.

Haven't found the info in my 2 second search so I'll ask: where do you live?

TV Girl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for reading; I'm glad you're enjoying my blog.

I'm from the Seattle area, but I currently live in Orange County, California. :)