Monday, April 14, 2008

April Budget Challenge Update

I've mentioned before that I'm participating in Give Me Back My Five Bucks' April Budget Challenge, and so far, I'm doing really well. My goal was to stick to $20 for blow money.

So far I've only spent $1.08 for a Redbox rental a couple weeks ago. I went to get a movie and none of the codes I had worked, so I paid for the rental. I should have walked out without the movie cause it really wasn't that important to rent a movie right then and there, but it was only a dollar, so it was an inexpensive lesson learned.

We're halfway through the month, so if I can keep this up, I'll have some money left over to add to next month's blow money. With almost $40 I could buy a TV on DVD set or some comic books I've been missing out on. I'd probably buy Prison Break Season Two or a few issues of Buffy Season Eight. Hmm... choices, choices.


Amphritrite said...

Ahha! I DID find you - your profile's blocked, so when I clicked on your name at Krystal's, I got the stupid "You can't view that" message from Blogger. Mrph.

Anyway, Instead of spamming Krystal's comments, I thought I'd find you over here, and after reading your blog, it does look like Orange County is similar to Seattle (Only...cheaper oranges instead of apples?;)).

I've added you to my reader so I can check up on you! I'm sure you'll do fine with the grocery challenge. Take care, and keep your chin up!

TV Girl said...

Hi Amphritrite! Thanks for finding me! Sorry it was so tough for you. I didn't realize my profile was blocked. I'll have to see if I can fix that.

LOL - I don't know about the apples vs. oranges, but I'll bet you're right.

I've added you to my reader too, so we can check up on each other! :)