Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December Alternative Income Update

My $600 December alternative income goal is going EXTREMELY well. As you can see from the side bar, I've made about $240 so far, but that doesn't include a couple things I'm expecting soon. Here's the breakdown:
  • Half Price Books - $58
  • DVDs sold on - $182 (after fees and shipping)
  • Christmas bonus from work - $200
  • eBay auction - currently at $264 with four days left (before fees and shipping)
Total: $690 (after eBay fees and shipping)

And it could still climb higher. I've got another eBay auction with no bids yet, but similar auctions have sold for around $100 and there's still four days left. I've also got a few more things waiting for the right buyer on, as well as my skis that are up for sale on Craig's List. The total could potentially get above $1000!

Where's all that money going? The first chunk is going to AES. That company has been particularly irritating to work with, so when I send the final payment in the next few days I'll feel a huge sense of satisfaction. The rest of the money will be used to beef up my emergency fund. It's not at full capacity yet, and after fixing my computer I'll really want to get it back up to a comfortable level.

Onward with the money-making!

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carol said...

You go girl! You rock!

Maybe this week I'll get some stuff listed...