Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Emergency Fund Is About to Come in Very Handy

When I got home from work yesterday, I pushed the button to turn on my computer and then...

Nothing happened.

Literally, nothing happened. Complete silence. No lights or sounds whatsoever.

After checking the stupid things (the computer was plugged in, other things plugged into that outlet were working, etc), I started to panic. Just about then, my roommate came home and said that her computer had done the same thing a couple of months ago, but since she had her laptop she hadn't worried about fixing it yet.

One phone call to a computer geek friend later and we found out that a series of fluctuations in power had caused damage to our computers' power supplies. Basically every time the fridge turned on or the vacuum cleaner was run, it fried the computer a little bit at a time. The cost to fix it should be about $30-50, unless the motherboard was also damaged, which I think would be another $80.

I'm pretty attached to my computer, so this is stressful for me, but I'm trying not to think about it too much and just be really thankful for my emergency fund.


Debt Dieter said...

I would have died! My laptop seems to be my link with my non work world these days.

Glad to hear it can be fixed for a resonable price.

Matt and Carol said...

I about did die when my old laptop died earlier this fall. Fortunately, my next door neighbor owns a computer store so I ran it over to him. It now works without the battery and I have my wonderful new laptop that he got me a great deal on!

Hope it's the cheaper fix and it might be worth investing in a surge protector or whatever it is you need to protect against that. :(

paidtwice said...

ack! that stinks!

my cordless mouse died and made my keyboard freak out and I thought my computer was a goner for a bit and I did cry.

hope it is fixed soon and get a surge protector too!