Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May Grocery Challenge - Week 1

I'm participating in Krystal's May Grocery Challenge, so I thought I would list out my grocery expenses each week as I go through the challenge.

My goal is to spend less than $120 for the month, which includes eating out. This week I spent $31.54, including a lunch at Jack in the Box. I rarely eat out for both money and health reasons, but I was out looking for apartments and didn't pack anything to take with me. Here's the breakdown:

Jack in the Box:
$5.59 Sourdough Jack Meal

Stater Bros:
$8.39 Chicken
$2.50 Bread
$10.89 Total

Fresh and Easy:
$1.58 Eggs
$1.98 Half gallon of milk
$4.43 Splenda
$2.59 Grape Nuts
$2.49 Fresh Strawberries
$2.98 Peanut Butter
$1.49 Frozen Strawberries
$2.34 Honey
$0.18 a banana
$20.06 Subtotal
-$5.00 off coupon
$15.06 Total

I tend to buy and cook in bulk and then freeze individual portions for later, so my week to week purchases don't usually contain well rounded nutritional value, but don't worry, I'm getting a good variety overall. :)

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