Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm excited about Redbox, Yogurt, and Half and Half

I'm officially in love with Redbox. Or Redbox codes, to be more specific.

After discovering Inside Redbox last Monday, I've been renting movies for free for a week. I'm in heaven. I've even thought about canceling my Netflix subscription, although I probably won't because of the depth and variety of choices Netflix has over Redbox.

The most convenient location is in an Albertsons on my way home from work, so I've been stopping there on my way to or from work almost every day. It only costs me a negligible amount of extra gas to do so, and I've also discovered that the yogurt and half and half I'd been buying at Stater Bros is a little cheaper at Albertsons, so some of the trips are killing two birds. It's just all around great for me! :)


Amphritrite said...

I <3 Redbox too, so much, in fact, that I -did- cancel my Netflix subscription. I get their Monday codes every week :) I'm not sure what other codes come out - maybe you could shine some light on this? (I would LOVE free movies!)

TV Girl said...

I've been thinking about cancelling my Netflix subscription for the same reason, but the selection and the ability to que things have been holding me back. Come to think of it, pro/con list would make a good post. :)

Check out for more Redbox codes. Not all of the codes listed there work at every location, but I was able to get about a week's worth of free rentals when I first discovered it, and new ones are always popping up.