Monday, April 21, 2008

My Biggest Budget Busters

Ana at Debt-Free Revolution posted a meme on her biggest budget busters. Instead of tagging people, she said anyone who wanted to could tag them self, so Tag! I'm it. :)

I do very little impulse buying anymore, so I don't really have the "little things add up" type busters anymore, but here are my three biggest budget busters:

1. Student Loans: Seriously, I must love education. A lot. To the tune of $100,000. Although this isn't exactly a "budget buster" in the sense that I impulse spend randomly, it is the single biggest expense in my budget, so I'm putting it here. At $660 a month, my education costs more than my rent each month. It's truly disturbing how little I thought about paying it back while I was accumulating it.

2. TV on DVD sets: This is one that I impulse often, but I've gotten much better about it since my financial revolution. I had a weak moment with Veronica Mars Season Three in January, but other than that I've abstained completely. It helped that I got a few at Christmas, and my birthday is coming up, but I think I may have to use some of my blow money to acquire Prison Break Season Two. The upside is that I've waited so long to buy it that I can get it on Amazon for about $25 rather than $45 when it first came out. A lesson in delayed gratification.

3. Plane Tickets: Although this is a budget buster, it's one that I feel is fully justified. I live in Southern California, but my whole family lives in Western Washington, so I budget for three trips per year to visit my family on holidays and other special occasions. This year I'm going for my sister's wedding in August, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas. It costs about $300 to $400 per trip, so it's expensive, but you just can't put a price on going home for the holidays. It's a song for a reason.

I'll tag Carol of Debt Free in the Ozarks. What are your biggest budget busters?


Debt Free Revoluti on said...

Good stuff, and I hear ya about TV shows on DVD: my two that I am plotting and scheming to get are Rome season 2 and Battlestar Galactica season 3.

Oh, post a comment on my site to link back to this one, since blogspot trackbacks don't show.

TV Girl said...

Ooooo BSG! I'll have to start collecting that one soon. Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday. I just got into it last fall, and it's truly one of the best shows in the history of television. I've never seen Rome, but I hear good things about it.

I didn't know blogspot trackbacks don't show. Very interesting. Thanks for the info - I'll go comment there. :)