Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up - Week 4

This week has felt hectic because I had a ton of stuff to do after being gone last weekend. Nothing exciting or stressful, just things like laundry and cleaning and unpacking and the all-important catching up on my TiVo.

I managed to get a few things listed on Amazon yesterday, and I've already sold some of it. After fees and shipping, I've made about $157 toward my $600 goal so far. I'm really excited about this goal because it's big, but it's definitely doable, so I started a progress chart for it in the sidebar. I'll update it this month as I work toward that $600. Only 74% to go!

Other than that, this week has been mostly about finishing up the November budget. I managed to spend $9.45 under budget on gas and $8 under on groceries, so I'll add that to the $270 I'm sending to the AES student loan in a couple of days. If December goes as well as planned, I'll kick that loan off my list before the new year!

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paidtwice said...

Thanks for mentioning my post!

the summary you gave isn't exactly what I was describing - paying the amount to debt that I spent on impulsive items was more a "penance" to make myself stop buying impulsively, more than a way to pay down debt effectively. And it was instant, not monthly - I did it as soon as I got home from buying something with cash on impulse through online payment.

It was more a behavior modification than a debt reduction plan, but it did work. And now, as you said, I spend as little as possible and put as much as possible towards debt every month. And onward! lol

TV Girl said...

Sorry, I guess I didn't mean "exact" same thing, but the basic idea holds true: not buying stuff you don't need lets you put more toward debt. Thanks for clarifying! :)

Brip Blap said...

Thanks for the mention! Actually liking change is half the battle, if not more, but everyone always has limits!