Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Where Am I Now? – Part I: Increasing My Income

Now that I’d decreased my outflow, I’ve started looking at ways to increase my income.

When I moved from WA to CA in July, I took only what fit in my car, so there was a lot of stuff left at my parents’ place. They’d been planning to have a garage sale anyway, and my part of the proceeds was about $500.

I also found a few things I’d brought with me that I didn’t really need or want, so I listed that stuff on eBay, Amazon, and Half. I sold a few DVDs, the seventh Harry Potter, my old camera, and a few other odds and ends, all of which has net me about $200 so far.

I’ve also got a bunch of books and CDs still at my parents’ place, which I plan on bringing back in my checked luggage at Thanksgiving so that I can sell them.

My next objective was to find a second job. I needed something where the hours wouldn’t affect my current 8-5 job, and since I’m not desperate, I also needed something that I wouldn’t completely hate, which ruled out many high turnover positions like fast food.

What I came up with was newspaper delivery. The hours are about 3-6 am, six days a week, which would give me plenty of time to get home and get ready before I had to be at my regular job at 8. It’s also done mostly alone, which is a big plus for an introvert like me, especially at the crack of dawn. I’d have to adjust my sleeping schedule to do it, as well as give up watching as much TV (or at least save it for the weekend - although with the writer's strike, there may not be much to watch anyway), but it pays $16-18 an hour so I’m sure I could do it temporarily to get a good chunk of my debt eliminated.

I’ve done some research and found a couple companies that handle delivery in my area, but since I’ll be flying home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I don’t want to deal with finding someone to take my route on those days, I’ll apply for a route when I get back after Christmas. I plan on sticking it out for at least six months (more if I like it and I’m not too tired), which will net me around $7000 dollars.

Total increased income so far: $700

Increased income goal for the next year: $8000

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I work toward that goal.

This post is part of my Financial Revolution Series, which is my personal financial story. Each post gives a piece of the story, detailing how I got into debt and how I turned things around.

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Matt and Carol said...

Good for you! I have NO desire to throw papers but good for you! Matt teaches extra at a community college where my main job is and I do some misc secretarial work for a friend.

Except for the introvert thing... I've heard great things about Starbucks as a part time job.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can almost feel the dedication to your cause. 3am-6am is early! You must be able to see clearly your goal in front of you and really know what you want. Excellent!

TV Girl said...

I've heard good things about Starbucks as an employer too, but I think the newspaper gig will give me a better time/money ratio. I'll look into it if this doesn't work out though.

Yes, I can definitely see my goal very clearly. I can't wait to be debt free so that I don't have to answer to so many people for monthly payments.