Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ING Direct: Get Your Free Money Here!

I'm still doing some tweaking on the budget post I promised yesterday, so I'm putting it off till tomorrow. I could post now, but I think it'll be a lot more useful if I take a little more time to polish it up.

For today, I'm letting all of my readers know that I have ING Direct referrals available.

ING Direct is a great online bank with interest rates currently at 4.2% for savings and 3.2% for checking. I've had my savings with them for about two months, and I've found their interface to be very easy to use.

Best of all, they give away free money just for signing up. If you sign up with a referral from me and at least $250 initial balance, ING will give you a $25 bonus and me a $10 bonus.

One small word of caution: ING pulls your credit score a couple months after you sign up for a checking account, and they've been known to close accounts after getting the score. Unless your credit is good, I don't recommend getting a checking account with them.

All of that said, if you'd like to open an account, email me at tvgirlandmoney [at] gmail [dot] com, put "ING Direct Referral" in the subject line, and tell me your first and last name and if you want a savings or checking account. I'll email you the referral, and we'll both get some free money.

Next Time on TVG&M: How to Create a Budget That Actually Works (I promise!)


Allen Joiner, Jr said...

The one thing I don’t like about ING is how long it takes for a transfer to be available in my account. But I found a work around for that, inititate the transfer from the outside account! I explain on my website at

Stephanie said...

I have about 46 ING referral links to give away. Email me at nakedgirlscout at hotmail dot com with your first & last name and whether you want a referral for a checking or savings account.